Saturday, 14 September 2013

Big Tree - Wonder

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We know from past releases such as 'Augury' and 'Time' that Californian collective Big Tree like things done in a traditional and organic way, so if you're in search of the future of music then you won't find it here. Just think how many truly exceptional records have been made this way in the past (and still to this day) though, music is about ideas more than anything. So if a band come up with a good idea and decide that the idea would be brought to life best by being recorded on 2" tape, not GarageBand, and was made using proper instruments, not digital equivalents, then they should go for it.

From their EP 'My, How You've Grown' which is out next week, Big Tree have done just that. Single 'Wonder' could be live (although note perfect and not a beat missed) and you could throw labels like folk, Americana, alt-country, even bluegrass at it. Any supposedly "old-fashioned" style of music you care to think of (well, we'll draw the line at opera and classical) and they'd fit, but that simply reduces the song down to a tag, and it's not a tag. 'Wonder' is just that; it's full of life, it's upbeat, it'll get your feet tapping and, yes, it'll remind you of more traditional genres, but there's no denying it's a top tune.

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Sep 14 Bottom of the Hill, San Francisco, CA
Sep 27 Bootleg Bar, Los Angeles, CA
Sep 28 Muddy Waters, Santa Barbara, CA  
Oct 04 Art Boutiki, San Jose, CA  
Oct 05 The Crepe Place, Santa Cruz, CA

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