Sunday, 15 September 2013

Sunboy - Aphrodisia

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With previous track 'Anxious People' we remarked that, with an email that simply said "you might wanna blog this" and a link to a song, that Sunboy were a self-assured bunch. It seems our guess that they were a duo was correct (judging by the cover), although there's still scant information to be found on any of their web pages. Another remark? The fact that they had several web presences set up already suggested they might not be a one-track wonder. Just a few weeks on we get conclusive proof of this.

New single 'Aphrodisia' suggests in more ways than one that they have longer term plans. Firstly this, along with 'Anxious People can both be bought digitally on iTunes, so they've made the effort to get some form of commercialisation set up; and secondly, this is another top-notch track that many would be proud of. Yeah, they may be mixing indie with pop and electronica like everyone in the world has been doing since MGMT were declared the best thing since sliced bread, but it's done incredibly well. And this is them just getting started...

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