Thursday, 5 September 2013

Stillwater Giants - Insane

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Yet another tip-top alternative Aussie band, but these guys are from the west coast, proving it's not all about Melbourne and Brisbane down there. They've been in existence since 2010 and the quartet released their debut EP the following year. Whether this new single has seen them progress or whether they've always been this good we don't know. But Stillwater Giants are now firmly on our radar. They acknowledge a surf influence to their indie-rock/pop sound and also, presumably living in a place with a more hospitable climate than good old Blighty, they aim for a fairly chilled sound.

If the chilled scale ran from zero being Sepultua fired around the Large Hadron Collider after taking a dozen ounces of amphetamines, to ten being Sigur Ros asleep in a Valium factory whilst listening to their own records, then 'Insane registers about a six. It is fairly uptempo with a firm beat but it's definitely sat in a deckchair with a cold beer. It's a good song too, one with just enough of a groove to raise it above your standard indie fare and add a touch more interest. It's not particularly insane, but in my experience, sanity is a very underrated state of being.

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