Thursday, 5 September 2013

Artist To Check Out: Dru Cutler

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Having recently reviewed the fabulous debut album by The Giraffe Project, we learned about Dru Cutler who is a former bandmate of one of that duo. So we thought it only right to investigate the sounds he was making and see if they were much cop. The answer: affirmative. So far Dru Cutler has only made a brace of tracks available to purchase, but has more lined up. As well as heading down a similarly experimental indie-type route to The Giraffe Project, he cites The Beatles as a big influence, although they're far from the first band you think of when hearing his music.

If we take 'You And Me And The System' there's little looking to the past to be found. This is a modern sounding experimental pop/rock song that really only compares to contemporary bands, and even then it's a case of sounding a tiny bit like lots of bands but not similar enough to any to pick out a direct comparison. So this is surely a good thing, and it shows that, although over a year and a half old, these recordings have their own identity. With 'Train' he indulges in his experimental side a bit more, stretching the song over the six minute barrier; not because he can, but because he needs to. It's a slower song but the dip in pace isn't followed by a dip in quality, and the female backing vocals add a nice touch. With this extra length he allows himself to indulge in something a little more epic, using more guitars and different ideas. It should be interesting to see how the new material has developed.

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