Friday, 13 September 2013

Slowly Rolling Camera - Protagonist

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I've lost count of how many times we've mentioned bands and artists splicing together genres and other similar terms. Perhaps it should just become a default opening line for all reviews. Have you ever wondered what would happen if you took a pianist/composer, a vocalist/lyricist and a non mainstream drummer and asked them to make the worlds of alternative music, jazz and electronica collide? We hadn't either, but people have done similar things in the past. Take bands like Portishead for example. Well, Slowly Rolling Camera are doing what we described above, and they don't particularly sound like Portishead, although you could happily call this trip-hop.

Of the two tracks on this single it is (as expected) 'Protagonist' which works best, and that's down to the simple fact that it's a better song. There are plenty of different approaches being taken; for example they use what sounds like a double bass instead of a regular one, they introduce some brass, the drumming could be from Clive Deamer (not only famed for his work with the aforementioned Portishead, but the man who made Roni Size's drum and bass work with real instruments). The song meanders into the realms of jazz and may not be for everyone but you can't knock them for imagination and talent. The slower B-side 'Color' is more cinematic and musters up a strange and unsettling mood. Impressive stuff all round.

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FRI 13 SEP Edition Festival, London, UK
FRI 13 SEP Kings Place, London, UK
SUN 20 OCT Chapter Arts Centre, Cardiff, UK
THU 21 NOV Pizza Express Jazz Club, London, UK
FRI 31 JAN Turner Sims Concert Hall, Southampton, UK
TUE 04 FEB Pizza Express Jazz Club, London, UK

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