Friday, 13 September 2013

The Chimerical - Go Getter

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Once again we're getting our first introduction to a band who've been around for a couple of years already. We'll do our job properly one day. What's more annoying is that they state they're from the south-west, they don't specify which south-west, but images on their Facebook page as well as the video to this single would suggest England. And we have a few writers in the south-west of England. To the point in hand: if, like us, you haven't heard them yet, then please be introduced to The Chimerical and their new single 'Go Getter'.

Following reasonably regular indie/guitar-pop band rules, 'Go Getter' is a catchy number and some nifty playing gives it the edge over many others who are walking the same path. It's not a world-beater this song, but it's a fine effort and one that deserves repeat plays. This ain't no disposable pop nonsense, although quite how they manage to get away with a slap-bass solo in the middle is something of a mystery. This is one song. If they have more of a similar calibre then an album of a very decent stature should be waiting for us.

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