Thursday, 12 September 2013

Morning Smoke - Tangerine

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This is the third release from Morning Smoke's forthcoming EP, and it matches the bar already set high by the preceding tracks 'DYWD' and 'In Euphoria'. On 'Tangerine' (the '90s alt-rock fan in me fleetingly thought this maybe a Buffalo Tom cover, I was very happy to be mistaken), they truly swathe themselves in a pure post-punk sound. So classic sounding is 'Tangerine' that you would hope it came wrapped in a Peter Saville sleeve, with a FAC number on it and be produced by Martin Hannet. But this is no detraction from the song's sheer quality. And if you are going to reference someone, then you could do much worse (Flock of Seagulls!).

'Tangerine' rides in on an infectious, frenetic, blistering riff which twists around you, this is powered along by a huge drum sound. Singer Milo McNulty's vocals echo with bristling force, evoking a real sense of drama. Then Morning Smoke step it up into their own stratosphere with a glorious cacophony of skyscraping sound as the song reaches its peak. So good is the sweet hit of 'Tangerine' that you lift the needle and play again and again.

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