Friday, 13 September 2013

Sun Machine - Duet

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So we featured 'Save Your Sorrows', and then we featured 'My Memory Is A Maze'. Now we're featuring 'Duet', this is the latest track from Sun Machine and still the only facts we have about this project is that it's a bloke called Tom who's in the UK. The music sounds more like a band than a solo artist, and we're not talking making elaborate backing tracks on computers or whatever (although in reality that's almost certainly what it is), these songs sound far more accomplished.

'Duet' is maybe the most interesting yet. It begins with a cacophony of different sounds from which a song gradually emerges, driven by a top bassline. Shorty after we're in the realms of indie/shoegaze stylings and a slightly laid-back vibe, although the pace of the song is high. It's got a great chorus as well, and a nice guitar break. The song continues with strange vocal samples and sounds occasionally peppering the background, and finally the song dissolves like salt in a glass of water and we're left with that cacophony that we started with. I'm beginning to think "Tom" could be an alias...

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