Friday, 6 September 2013

Moon Wheel - Prosopagnosia

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Olle Holmberg is a new artist from Berlin and his location has absolutely nothing to do with the fact that new single 'Prosopagnosia' has a little something of Kraftwerk about it. It's Kraftwerk at their more mellow and experimental, but the influence is there nonetheless. The song will be released under his Moon Wheel guise as a 7" single in October on French label Wool Recordings, and if you've heard other acts on the label, such as Frank Rabeyrolles, then you'll find it very much fits in with their style.

'Prosopagnosia' is an instrumental track that's powered by a blend of vintage electronic sounds and more modern, digital instrumentation. The progression of such modern techniques mean that ancient analogue equipment is no longer required to create those sounds, so what the actual instruments were is something we can only guess at. The track is atmospheric in nature as you may expect, but it's not ambient noise just for the sake of it. There seems to be a concept here, and that concept is to paint and audio picture of a time, place or mood, and this is something that Moon Wheel manages with seeming ease.

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