Wednesday, 4 September 2013

Moodoïd - Je suis la Montagne

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We keep hearing the latest breakthroughs on human cloning. Stem cells have been used to make certain body parts, some scientists created part of a human brain in the lab last week; some people believe that in secret and heavily guarded government labs in certain parts of the world that full human cloning has become a reality. Some of these clones seem to have escaped. This is the only way to describe how people like Ty Segall and, in this instance, Kevin Parker (Tame Impala, Pond, Melody's Echo Chamber) seem be in so many places at once, always with a new release in tow.

He's found a truly wonderful band in Moondoid who release their debut EP on September 9th. The Parisian group have enlisted one of the Kevin Parkers to mix this EP, and first single 'Je suis la Montagne' is a first-rate psych track that dips into the realms of dreampop. It's the perfect fit to one of the main trends in current alternative music, but although it's a case of right place and right time, whenever this almost mystical sounding song had been released it would have picked up some rave reviews. There are some great layers of sound at play here and harmonies to match. They may have a helping hand with promotion due to their connection with that particular man, but Moondoid sound like the real deal regardless.

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Catch them live:

Sep 06 Trabendo, Paris, France  
Sep 17 Fleche D'Or, Paris, France
Sep 21 Bus Palladium, Paris, France
Sep 24 Connexion Live, Toulouse, France  
Sep 25 El Chicho, Bordeaux, France  
Oct 21 Village Underground, London, United Kingdom

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