Wednesday, 4 September 2013

Bruch - The Freaks

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I suppose Bruch (if you an an "n") is close to "Brunch", something your stereotypical rock musician would be more familiar with than breakfast. Although it's more likely to consist of a couple of beers than the Full English. But maybe things are different in Vienna. Yes, Bruch are another top discovery from Austria and have this pay-what-you-like single out now on Totally Wired Records who are fast becoming one of our favourite labels. Have a scroll through their roster and you'll find that many bands that we've featured recently are under their able wings, and they're really showing us what hidden gems you can find in their native land, a country so often overlooked by the music press (as we've no doubt said before).

Actually, 'The Freaks' wouldn't serve as a bad band name for these guys, as they're not your regular alt-rock group. The lead track is pure post-punk of the kind that doesn't age. Now in its fourth decade, the genre can still sound fresh and inventive in the right hands. Not to mention a little moody and menacing. Atmosphere plays a big part in Brunch's music. With a fine example of that genre out of the way, the band begin to experiment a bit more on 'That's What Love Is' which is kind of like The Cramps discovering dark synthwave and rattling their way through a rockabilly tune in this brand new style. Thee's a little rockabilly/surf thing going on with 'The Freaks 2' as well, giving the song a different spin and again conjuing up the spirit of Lux Interior. Chilling and twisted stuff.

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