Wednesday, 4 September 2013

Dreadzone feat. Mick Jones - Too Late

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Dreadzone have always been an interesting band, one who never quite settle on a genre. Sadly their name now evokes images of a group who've had their day but still get wheeled out for an afternoon slot at all the festivals. True, it might be a long time since their stellar 'Second Light' album which spawned the hits 'Little Britain' and 'Captain Dread', but there's life in the old dogs yet. If you know the history of the band then you're probably aware that they were born from the ashes of Big Audio Dynamite, so it's good to see one of that band's instigators, ex-Clash man Mick Jones, joining up with his old pals.

'Two Late' doesn't take the dub route of the aforementioned album, and it's perhaps less experimental than Big Audio Dynamite, but that doesn't stop it being a corker. 'Too Late' feels like a modern update on that post-punk experimenting. It's a guitar tune at heart yet incorporates electronics and the classic synth sound that Dreadzone have used in the past. There are points where they dabble with other genres but they never lose site of the song's core idea. If this were a new band emerging with this as their debut single, publications like NME would be all over it. A thoroughly pleasant surprise.

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19.09.13 London Scala
20.09.13 Undercover Fest
10.10.13 Wolverhampton
11.10.13 Shrewsbury
12.10.13 Hitchin Club 85
17.10.13 Leeds
18.10.13 Nottingham
26.10.13 Southend
07.11.13 Cardiff
08.11.13 Bristol
09.11.13 Wellingborough
15.11.13 Gloucester
16.11.13 Tunbridge Wells
21.11.13 Totnes
22.11.13 Falmouth
23.11.13 Portsmouth
05.12.13 Newcastle
06.12.13 Glasgow
07.12.13 Liverpool
12.12.13 York
13.12.13 Kendal
14.12.13 Manchester

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