Tuesday, 10 September 2013

Little Ghost - EP

EP review by kev@thesoundofconfusion.co.uk

Have we ever mentioned that the world is being overtaken by singer-songwriters, and that there are probably several inside your house right now, hiding in the loft or behind the sofa, waiting to pounce with their songs that they've uploaded on to SoundCloud or Bandcamp? We have? Oh, sorry. I just popped outside this morning to empty the dog and I found this one hiding in the shed. He's called Louis Cooper-Hughes and goes by the name Little Ghost. Sarcasm aside, we politely decline most submissions like this for being tediously dull, but this EP, while it leaves a little to be desired on the production front, has some good tunes. Also, it's not another acoustic troubadour, Little Ghost's music sounds more like a band that delves into indie and alt-pop. There are electronics, samples, beats and of course vocals.

You can tell that effort has been put into songs like 'I Am A Party' and the rockier 'Tigerlilly'. This is fairy run-of-the-mill stuff, but there's potential here to go much further. The songs are pretty good, but suggest he can do better, and if a producer was brought in to give this EP a kick up the arse it could really come to life. It is slightly held back by being a little flat, but it could become much more with a band and better equipment. 'Planemo' is a sweet song regardless, and so to is 'Aura'. We know little about the project, but are assuming it's all fairly DIY and in its early stages, however, the songs are designed to be more than lo-fi tracks, they want to be bigger, especially the likes of the excellent 'The Fear' which almost does the job on its own, and if Little Ghost can get the ear of a decent producer on board they have the ability to make the step up.

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