Thursday, 5 September 2013

La Guerre - Sorrow Song

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If your life's been lacking some sultry and emotive female vocals that fill your ears with wonder and magic then drop everything and get this tune on. Katlyn Conroy from Kansas is the lady who goes by the name of La Guerre and we kind of stumbled upon her work by accident, after featuring another act that was being taken care of by the same PR. As stumbles go, we've converted this one into a prefect ten acrobatic roll. You know words like spellbinding, bewitching, enchanting, magical, captivating, engrossing and so on? Yeah, all of those.

We can tell you little about La Guerre herself or of her past releases, but it seems she's been making music since 2010 at least. The quite beautiful and dreamy 'Sorrow Song' is the lead single from her 'Violent' EP, a name that is totally at odds with these fantastical sounds. How she's not a star yet is a bit puzzling as everything seems in place. Perhaps is simply a lack of material out on the market so far. If there are a few more tunes like this awaiting then we're tipping her for much acclaim.

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