Thursday, 5 September 2013

Fresh Body Shop - Rainbow Stone

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I haven't bothered (or rather, haven't had any inclination whatsoever) so see if The Body Shop has stores in France, but if they did then they may be translated from English anyway. So it's unlikely that Fresh Body Shop's name has any relation to the chain store. In fact they probably don't know who they are (until every bloody reviewer goes and mentions them... *ahem*). The Nantes trio don't trade in ethically conscious cosmetics, they trade indie indie/pop tunes, and this is despite the following list of influences taken from their website: Beck, NIN, Nirvana, Stone Temple Pilots, A Perfect Circle, Tricky, Thom Yorke.

Perhaps new single 'Rainbow Stone' is a one-off, but it bears no resemblance to any of those acts, with the possible exception of someone doing a more poppy remix of a Beck track. This is pop, but it's made by a band, not a set of producers. It's a pop song performed in the traditional manner, something which will probably work in their favour when it comes to live performance. Naturally when you get guitars and proper drums and non-Auto-Tuned vocals there's always the temptation to throw in the word "indie" somewhere along the line, and that would fit in this case. One for fans of pop made by actual musicians, not studio trickery.

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