Wednesday 4 September 2013


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With the third track to be taken from their upcoming EP (presumably the other two are 'Public Execution' and 'Leave Me Alone', both of which received favourable reviews from us), Liverpool band KynchinLay promised us something that would perhaps be a little unexpected. They're true to their word. The alt-rock of 'Public Execution' and the catchy 'Leave Me Alone' could be the work of a different band than 'DOGFATHERS', a tune where they embrace sounds from further afield, and it's a bit of a mixture too.

With an almost ska-pop opening, this song is instantly likable, it's not going to take a few listens to get into this one. They throw in some catchy "la la la la la las" for added accessibility but never really dabble with the mainstream. Once the first chorus is past they even incorporate Celtic folk, with the backing sounding as though it was adapted from a sea shanty. KynchinLay don't let you forget that at their core is an alt-rock band, albeit an experimental one, so then we get an ending where this fact is drilled home before one final flourish of the fiddle. Intriguing, interesting and a bold move.

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