Wednesday, 4 September 2013

KILGANNON - Truthman Who?

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We're always on the hunt for new sounds, but as genres blend into one and it increasingly seems like every possible branch of the musical tree has been explored this is getting harder and harder to do. Electro-pop especially has had every possible variation, deviation and reinvention made to it in the last few years, so KILGANNON can't really claim to have invented much here, but his first track 'Truthman Who?' does stray a little from the norm. What else he has planned we'll find out soon, as work on a debut EP is underway with a release for early next year all being well.

'Truthman Who?' is an electro-pop song with a hint of indie and other forms of alternative pop. We can mention the much used comparison of The Postal Service to give a partial likeness, but the drive of this track and the sampled voices take it somewhere a bit different. The other interesting thing that's made us give this song the attention it deserves is the fact that it borrows so heavily from the past while managing to sound so totally now. KILGANNON isn't alone in this field, but he might have found his own niche, and given the current state of play that's no mean feat.

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