Wednesday, 4 September 2013

Joanna Gruesome - Sugarcrush

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It's about time we had a debut album by Joanna Gruesome. The Cardiff noise-mongers have been spitting out tune after tune of part pop, part the sound of entering hell songs for long enough that fans are champing at the bit. Before the album arrives next week, here's another taster and a perfect display of everything that the band have mastered in a handy bite-sized portion. It is, of course, a song of sharp contrasts, of noise and of melody, of pop and of a bloody racket.

In the following order we get: discordant guitars getting things underway; these guitars changing to proper melodic indie-punk, vocals that are sweet and buried in the mix, also chirping away with deceivingly poppy melodies; a mid section of the song that's classic indiepop blended with the finest fuzz-rock; then a finale where every instrument is taken outside and gets the living shit kicked out of it. And there you have it. The perfect formula for the next big name in noise-pop.

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