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Either my brain is a bit frazzled (a distinct possibility) or the very impressive press release that comes with this single is a little abstract. Whichever, the only clue as to where FROM KID are based is in their website, and the ".ch" would suggest Switzerland. So we can now rest assured that the ongoing fad of duos making indie/electro-pop music transcends all country borders. We feature their neighbours Austria a lot on The Sound Of Confusion, but Switzerland is relatively untapped by us, and not through choice. Indeed, we're hoping this review will lead to a few more Swiss bands getting in touch.

FROM KID are a brand new project, launched at the start of the year, so they've had a few months to get some ideas down, tweak them and put them out to the world. New single 'Sun' doesn't offer anything you can't find anywhere else, but that's not the point. It ticks all the right boxes when it comes to this particular style of music and has a neat melody, production that adds just enough gloss to make the song shine without overpowering it. It's probably the band's first steps (unless they existed before in a previous incarnation) but it's all looking good for them.

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Catch them live:

Sep 12 La Catrina, Zurich, Switzerland  
Sep 26 Livingruhm, Flims, Switzerland  
Sep 28 Minimum Boulder Club, Zurich, Switzerland  
Oct 11 Werkstatt, Chur, Switzerland  
Oct 24 Halle 52, Winterthur, Switzerland  
Nov 07 Gleis 13, Luzern, Switzerland  
Nov 09 Coq d'Or, Olten, Switzerland

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