Friday, 6 September 2013

Clear - Sunlight

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It seems that although the world is about to succumb to martial law/a huge comet strike/a third world war beginning in the Middle East/the sinister intentions of the New World Order, that the music world is doing a good job of keeping things bright and breezy. This has led us to conclude that they're being used as tools by the Illuminati. Anyway, barely a day goes past where we don't describe some song or other as being "summery" or other connected words. Well, the very same goes for this new single by Clear. It's even bloody called 'Sunlight'.

The Sheffield group are as determined as anyone that we transform what has been a rare actual summer with good weather and stuff into an Indian summer and let those vibes continue for a few more weeks yet. They've done a grand job of it with this tune. There are the faint echoes of Laurel Canyon, the song is drenched in west-coast harmonies and rivals just about any contemporary act in pure sunkissed, slightly psychedelic guitar-pop. File next to The See See and the awesome Lumin Bells.

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