Monday, 6 May 2013

White Woods - Big Talking

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Despite our general love for all things dreampop, songs that come tagged with the word "ambient" induce a cringe even before we play them. The reason for this being the proliferation of "artists" who think that holding down one key on a synthesizer that's set to "fuzzy haze" for fifteen minutes before switching to a different note for the final ten constitutes epic, glacial gorgeousness, when really it's like watching paint dry. No, scratch that, it's too much of a compliment; it's more like watching dry paint. 'Big Talking' by White Woods comes with "ambient" as its foremost tag on their SoundCloud page. Here we go again.

Thankfully it's sigh of relief time on this one. 'Big Talking' is ambient but it's an actual song. Another pet hate? Nice songs on acoustic guitars. 'Big Talking' is a nice song on an acoustic guitar, but it's a very good song! White Woods has dangled two carrots in front of our face to try and make us angry, and then gone and then swapped them for delightfully sweet and haunting music instead. This is a beautiful song, made all the more surprising by the fact that White Woods is Julia Kugel from ace garage-punks The Coathangers. Can we please request that she give lessons to anyone who's thinking of recording some ambient or acoustic tracks at home, please? It would stop an awful lot of suffering.

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