Friday, 17 May 2013

Shellshag - Driving Song

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We're used pop bands releasing doll versions of themselves. Spice Girls dolls were all the rage for about a week in 1997. About the same time, US lo-fi alt-rock band Shellshag were getting together to make a fuzzed-up racket which they continue to make to this very day. Following the release of recent album 'Shellshag Forever', the band have announced that they'll be making available action figures of themselves. That's right, Christmas has come early this year. The dolls have been designed by John Shell himself and are available through Starcleaner. On the list of rock 'n' roll paraphernalia this is possibly up there with Joy Division oven gloves.

Anyway, aside from gimmicks that are unlikely to become this years must-have accessory, Shellshag have announced a new single and some live dates around their New York base. 'Driving Song' could have been one of their first recordings; the sound is pure '90s fuzz-rock with scant regard for studio gloss. Guitars are set to "slightly noisy" and a simple melody is employed to ensure that, even now they're so overly commercialised (yes, that is sarcasm) they've lost none of the slightly shambolic and ragged sound that fans will have come to know and love.

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Catch them live:

5/18 Manhattan, NY - Mercury Lounge
5/23 Brooklyn, NY - Death By Audio
5/25 Brooklyn, NY - Party Expo
6/5 Brooklyn, NY - Death By Audio
6/7 Manhattan, NY - Mercury Lounge
6/8 Kingston, NY - BSP Lounge
6/21-23  Chattanooga, TN - Do Ya Hear We Fest

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