Monday, 6 May 2013

Band To Check Out: Pedico

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The world of American punk has to be treated carefully. Although Britain likes to think that it invented punk in about 1976, there were already bands making similar noises in the UK, Australia, Germany and North America for some years before. It could be said that America has the best argument of the lot for the origins of the genre. Sadly, what's often been passed-off as punk in the US in the past couple of decades is anything but. Green Day? The Offspring? Please, do us a favour. This geeky cheese-flavoured shite is not punk in any way shape or form. Is faux-dorkish mush for people who think they're "different" because they dress in the exact same clothes as every other teen who think they're "different". That's not being individual, that's the total opposite; it's a uniform, so how anyone can think that that's being unique is baffling.

Rant over. Let's get on to US punks Pedico who are coming to us from New York. Punk was about stripping music back and stating again with a blank sheet of paper. Pedico don't do that, but at least the punk they make sounds like the genuine article, not some goofball imitation. You can hear a lot of The Ramones in these tunes; they keep the songs short, sharp and snappy, without any of the cliches peddled by the horrible bands we mentioned earlier. These are good songs, done correctly. They probably won't sell out stadiums like fellow punks Blink 182 (Ha! Do they really think they're punk?), but at least Pedico understand what the genre is about, and although their songs are imitations, they're damn fine ones. We'll take this over the fakes any day.

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