Monday, 6 May 2013

Mike Tyler - Money Grows On Your Knees

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What do we reckon then? A song about prostitution? Well Mike Tyler's album is called 'Erection' so I think we're safe to assume that's the case with this one. It's less smutty than you might imagine, although he doesn't half sound pervy singing in that voice. 'Money Grows On Your Knees' is just one part of the weird and (arguably) wonderful world of Mike Tyler. It's a strange song made up of little more than simple piano, drums and Mr Tyler growling things about "big fella". It's a bit like a twisted version of the Fun Loving Criminals.

At a guess we'll go for 'Money Grows On Your Knees' having the Marmite effect of people either loving it or hating it. To be honest we probably wouldn't have bothered with the review had it not been for B-side 'Corny Song' which sounds like a totally different artist. It's a lo-fi guitar-pop tune, much like many other bands are currently making, only Mike Tyler's delivery here adds a lightness and strange quirkiness that makes what was probably meant to be a basic imitation of other bands turn into something far more rewarding. He's a weird one alright, and if the music doesn't convince you of that, then maybe you could buy the single package which consists of green 7" single, CD and that most classic of all musical formats, a jigsaw.

Corny Song
Mike Tyler - Corny Song

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