Saturday, 4 May 2013

Valley Dweller - Another Night

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You might expect an artist called Valley Dweller to be from Wales, and that cover shot of grey skies and a rocky shoreline sure looks like a British vista, but where else in the western world to we refer to people from valleys? Dane Deaner is from the very same location that you may find "valley girls", such as the play-on-words duo Deap Vally. We're talking Los Angeles here. 'Another Night' might be the first video from Valley Dweller, but by his own admission he's been trying to hone his sound for several years.

Now that he's finally turned the vision in his head into musical form, he's ready to get the sounds out there to the big wide world, including we assume, Wales! The route he's chosen for 'Another Night' is a modern one with its basis in classy alternative pop that's given a light dusting of soul and indie, with plenty of big beats. So more genre-hybrids, which are, as we learned long ago, very much the order of the day, or perhaps the generation. Now that barriers are broken down you don't need to be part of a musical tribe anymore, and while some may lament this fact, times change. So if this means that cross-genre music will be what we're remembered for then it's no bad thing.

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