Saturday, 4 May 2013

Rampue - Mama Was A Progrocker

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'Mama Was A Prog Rocker' is the title-track from Berlin-based producer Rampue's debut EP, set for release on May 13th, and it's a mighty fine tune indeed. Daniel Rampue first caught people's attention with cult club classic (apparently) 'Sonne, Park & Sterni' which was part of the Audiolith singles series. Whatever you want to call 'Mama Was A Prog Rocker' doesn't really matter, but they've gone for "slow-jamming deep house techno", although we'd probably use different terms. House? A little. Techno? Depends on whether you use the US or UK definition. Slow-jamming? Well it's not a party banger, but the words don't seem to quite fit.

Still, who really cares about that? 'Mama Was A Prog Rocker' does take electronic soundscapes much like those that were first created in the '70s but brings the lot right up to date. There's a heck of a groovy bassline at play here, and occasionally this song feels as close to certain tracks by experimental indie-type bands like The Flaming Lips and even Super Furry Animals. We could fight all day about how Rampue arrived at this song, but the important fact is that he did, and for that we should be thankful.

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