Saturday, 4 May 2013

Crystal Fighters - You & I

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Crystal Fighters have always been one of those bands it's difficult to know what to make of. They deserve props for their eclectic, anything-goes approach to making exotic, alternative pop tunes, but sometimes they're just too damn quirky for their own good. Inventive music should be encouraged, knowingly trying to be "weird" should definitely not. It's inauthentic and is a technique employed by people who like to say things such as "oh, you know me, I'm a bit mad!" when really they're the most tiringly dull person you know. And they probably wear a novelty tie to work to prove just how "wacky" they really are.

Well Crystal Fighters have a new album, 'Cave Rave', out at the end of their month and the latest track to be unveiled from it is 'You & I'. It is a little bit kooky, could perhaps be described by using the awful term "wonky pop", but it's also really quite good. It has an exotic flavour as usual and the beginning promises much of the same as previous singles, but by the end a tropical, almost tribal party has broken out, only to pause for a few wonderfully reflective seconds before launching back into the uplifting vibes that carried it before. So that's our mind made up then. 'You & I' is a top tune.

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May 17 Paradiso, Amsterdam, Netherlands
May 21 La Machine, Paris, France
May 22 Ancienne, Belgique, Brussels, Belgium
May 23 KOKO, London, United Kingdom
May 24 Lido Berlin, Germany
May 25 Klub Palladium, Warsaw, Poland

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