Saturday, 11 May 2013

T.W.i.N.S - Found A Flat

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There's a slim chance of some people finding this song quite annoying. It's deliberately quirky, it's deliberately slightly humorous and the video is bonkers on purpose. You could perhaps liken T.W.i.N.S to someone like Art Brut, a band who operate in a similar musical realm. Strip the humour away, skip the video, and you'll find that 'Found A Flat' isn't superficial, it's actually a very good pop song. If 'Formed A Band' was an ironic look at people on the bottom rung of the music industry then this track is an ironic look at people vying for living accommodation in the capital.

The duo are shown smartly dressed in the video, travelling around prospective locations, beating up prospective landlords and doing silly walks. As well as the nonsensical nature of the visuals, the lyrics also raise the odd smile and the idea of the track in general must have come from some slightly skewed brains. Maybe if The Human League were to crossbreed with The Divine Comedy they'd give birth to T.W.i.N.S. A touch novelty, so mistaking that, but a touch of quality too.

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