Saturday, 11 May 2013

Eva On The Western Castle Island - The Wrong EP

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What do you do if you're born in Malaysia and become a pop star in your own country, and then get sick of singing songs you don't like and the whole plastic image and way that particular industry works? You move to Finland and form an indiepop band of course! Or at least that's what happened in this case. Eva On The Western Castle Island came to being after Eva escaped her life in the far east and found herself in the "barbaric" green forests of the country where she met like-minded individuals who happened to be looking for a singer. Eva had the exact voice they were after, and the rest, as they don't say, is yet to come.

It starts with free release 'The Wrong EP' which is indiepop that's not short of quality. Forget anything twee, the songs here are less flimsy than you may expect. 'California Shrills' verges on becoming a rock song with a solid beat and some great guitar, and the other three tracks are up to the same standard. We're given a taste of the late '80s on the stomping 'Shaolin Punk'; all of these songs are high in melody and substance. The brilliantly titled 'Surfing Like A Guru' contains some great "ba ba bas". At a push we'd maybe say that closer 'The Lonely Albatross' is the best here due to being that bit more epic, although you could argue a case for each song. We're thinking that Eva moving to Finland was a fantastic idea.

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Catch them live:

May 17 Korjaamo / Dynamo Goes Helsinki (+ The Casbah), Helsinki, Finland
May 18 Yläkaupungin Yö / Toivola, Jyvaskyla, Finland Free
May 23 Kesän Lavajaiset ( + Jaakko & Jay, Topi Saha), Tampere, Finland  
May 28 Siltanen / Everyday Is Like Sunday, Helsinki, Finland
Jun 06 Lepakkomies / HIKI!-klubi (+Merries), Helsinki, Finland
Jun 12 Töölön Juhlaviikot / Töölöntori, Helsinki, Finland

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