Saturday, 11 May 2013

Darling BOY - Oh Roisin!

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The garage-rock stylings and individuality that Darling BOY showed on his EP 'Air Conditioned Gypsy' were enough for us to label him a potential cult hero. He seemed to take guitar music from across the decades and merge it all together for a generation-spanning musical journey. New single 'Oh Roisin!' also manages to take British guitar sounds of the '60s, of the '90s and of more modern times and squash them all together, but this time he manages to do this all in the space of a solitary song, and without flitting from one idea to another.

It's a complete track, not made up of different parts, yet you can hear elements of punk in here, a chorus with handclaps that could have come from the better end of the Britpop movement, some guitar work that could be taken from a late '60s blues track, a bit that sounds kind of like The Libertines and another part where it goes all glam rock for a second. And when he's finished with that, he slows the song down to a simple strum and vocal, and then still has time to fit in a further two guitar solos. This is all in the space of just over four minutes and it should be a mess. If you were to write this out on paper you'd get laughed out of the studio, but listening to it, it sounds perfectly natural. It looks like Darling BOY's hogging all the ideas for himself.

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