Monday, 13 May 2013

The UV Race - Men Are From Mars, Morcus is From Venus

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Most forms of music come in various grades of polish. If we take basic rock music as an example, it can range from super-shiny, stadium pomp and pyrotechnics right down to little more than eardrum-splintering lo-fi noise. Glam-rock isn't something we hear a lot in a lo-fi form. There are bands like Hunx & His Punx who incorporate glam, but they're as much about being a sleazy, male version of The Shangri Las as the stomp of glam. Earl Brutas gave it a noisy overhaul in the '90s, but The UV Race have gone full on primitive here.

Distortion abounds on 'Men Are From Mars, Morcus Is From Venus' and you could easily lump this lot in with the no-wave crowd (we'll point out that, should you be new to this band, they've been around since 2007 so aren't hopping on any bandwagons) but it's rather like taking a Slade song and trying to bugger it up as much as possible. The keys are definitely reminiscent of their early work and the beat is a steady thump. The lead vocals are echoing and crude, yet offset by comparatively angelic backing. They even throw in some brass for good measure. It's an unholy racket alright, and so it should be. The UV race are more sham-rock than glam-rock.

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