Monday, 13 May 2013

The Beautiful Word - Particles

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The big day is fast approaching for Brighton band The Beautiful Word. Their debut album has been five years in the making, not through lack of ideas, more through their strongly independent ethics and determination to make the damn thing themselves, and to do it properly. So after much hard work getting together cash for studio time, gigging to build a decent fanbase and throwing the odd song out their to entice us, they're almost ready. There's just one small thing to come first though: new single 'Particles'.

Previous offering 'May Not Be Love' almost seemed in danger of being routine DIY indiepop, but was heroically saved by a great chorus. 'Particles', out on June 3rd, is more complete as a song, and you could maybe say more conventional, although that doesn't mean it's just average indie-type fodder. This is a quite lovely track that's full of life and love and has another decent chorus. The last video was an animation, so here they've changed tack and opted for a band performance with some choreographed dancers wearing warpaint. The Beautiful Word seem too polite to be interesting in going to war though, it's clear from the way they operate that music comes first with this lot.

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Catch them live:

Sat, 18 May Brighton, UK The Black Dove
Sat, 01 Jun London, UK The Wilmington Arms
Fri, 26 Jul Ripley, UK Indietracks Festival
Sat, 17 Aug Cheshire, CHW, UK Just So Festival
Sat, 24 Aug Suffolk, UK Folk East

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