Sunday 5 May 2013

The Rumour Said Fire - The Oracle

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After a few months of gathering evidence, this seals the deal. Denmark is a force to be reckoned with in the world of alternative music right now, and The Rumour Said Fire are one of its leading lights. They're not new, there are a handful of EPs and singles out already, as well as their debut album 'The Arrogant' from 2010. If you're reading this from Danish shores or you're already a fan you'll know this, and you'll also probably be in possession of the follow-up, 'Dead Ends', which was released in their homeland last year. The UK release is planned for June 10th.

It's worth waiting for, and it's also worth paying a few extra quid to buy a copy on import. Single 'The Oracle' should show you why. It's a brilliant take on '80s indie; the reason being that it doesn't ape C86 or try and sound overly like any specific band. As well as the bedsit heroes of that decade you can hear traces of The Waterboys and even U2 before they got swallowed up by their own ego. This is a post-punk track that's basking in light, not the darkness so often associated with the scene. It's also insatiable, once it starts there's no holding back, not a single pause for contemplation, they just steam straight on through, and it works just wonderfully.

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