Sunday, 5 May 2013

Suzuki Method - Country Cousins

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Every city produces just about every variety of music at one level or other. If we take the UK punk explosion as a starting point, Manchester had a hand in that, and also many of the more innovative post-punk bands that followed. Then they began to evolve into what became known as "baggy". The general checklist is Joy Division, New Order, The Smiths, The Stone Roses, Happy Mondays. By the end of the '90s the city had become a byword for loutish lad-rock, partly due to the post-Oasis explosion of copyists. Lately it's begun to go full circle and embrace dance and electronic sounds again, with perhaps Delphic being a good example.

Newcomers Suzuki Method are't shunning any of this, they seem, on this debut single, to be embracing every aspect of the music from their area. 'Country Cousins' does have a self-confident swagger, but not in a knucklehead way, it seems more intelligent, the lyrics have a purpose, they're not just the same old rhymes. Plus, those of you without two left feet will be able to dance to this; it's an indie-rock song built for the dancefloor. Remind you of any of those bands above? This track isn't dated or revivalist though, it's a modern take on what's gone before. Whether these guys can repeat the success of those bands is another matter entirely, but they're off to a decent enough start.

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