Sunday, 5 May 2013

Camera2 - Forever Lost

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When they say this project it a bit of a departure from their previous bands it looks like they mean it. Fronted by Andy Chase, a producer who's worked with Smashing Pumpkins, Juliana Hatfield, Fountains Of Wayne and more, and also including members of Stellastarr*, Teddybears and Teenage Kick, Camera2 is being used as a vehicle for the band to explore some different avenues, although it's hardly like they've gone trad-jazz or anything. Their plan is to record nine videos for tracks on their EPs which will eventually make up their album. Here we bring you the second track from first EP 'Just About Made It'. It should be noted that the second installment is already available if you're looking for more.

It's always tempting to compare bleepy electronic indie to The Postal Service, so much so that it's become a cliche, but there is an element of that sound here, minus the squeaky vocals. It's on a synthetic bed that this song is built though, with drum machines and synths being overlaid with a little guitar and the vocals. 'Forever Lost' is pop music for people who are too cool (or to be snobby, too intelligent) to be tempted by plastic-wrapped, off-the-shelf songs for generation ringtone, so basically this amounts to Camera2 being a supergroup who make great pop music that you can enjoy without feeling any pangs of guilt.

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