Wednesday, 1 May 2013

The Liberty Vessels - Youth

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We've already professed our love for up and coming Liverpool band The Liberty Vessels. Recent single 'Sleep My Dreams Away' ticked all the right boxes when it came to guitar tunes with guts; good songs that are attacked by the band; delivered with passion and vibrancy. So it was always going to be exciting to hear the follow-up, and here it is. 'Youth' is carried along with the same kind of conviction as before, but all the energy and determination in the world will get you nowhere if you can only muster up a song that even Stereophonics would think twice about. It's handy then, that these guys have proved 'Sleep My Dreams Away' was no fluke.

'Youth' is a corker; and you know what? It sounds a bit like The Vaccines. That's right, the NME-hyped, deeply uncool in alternative music circles band The Vaccines. Sure, this is rougher around the edges then that band, so don't dismiss this on that basis. You may not like that particular group of Londoners, but The Liberty Vessels are doing a similar thing with added edge. And anyway, opinion-splitting as they are (even amongst the ranks of The Sound Of Confusion staff), your correspondent happens to think that The Vaccines are a great band, so sneer all you like hipsters! With a more ragged sound, we only hope that The Liberty Vessels can gain a similar level of success; it's starting to become apparent that they have the tunes to do so.

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