Monday, 6 May 2013

The Holydrug Couple - Follow Your Way

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Perhaps it's an ancestral thing. In just about every culture, be it Celts or Amazonian tribes, rituals have played an important part in life. Quite often these rituals involved (and still involve) intoxication, or the use of hallucinogenic substances to travel to other plains or interact with spirits. Perhaps this is the reason that psychedelic music is so widespread, maybe it's built into human DNA. We've found examples of terrific psych being made around the globe, but until now we hadn't heard of Chilean band The Holydrug Couple (their name almost summarises my point).

They've been together for a few years and already put out several EPs and so on, but their most recent release was the album 'Noctuary' earlier this year, and from it is the sprawling psychedelic slow-jam 'Follow Your Way', and it's up there with the work of more familiar names currently associated with this genre. There's something about the use of broken up drumming that works really well with twin guitars, one opting for a jangly strum and the other laying on a fug of distortion. It's a trippy track, and one that they've carried out with near perfection.

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