Sunday, 12 May 2013

The Family Rain - Pushing It

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As we discovered from free track 'Carnival' a couple of moths back, The Family Rain are an actual family; three brothers from Bath to be precise (although Rain isn't their actual surname). 'Carnival' was a decent piece of bluesy garage-rock but new track 'Pushing It', taken from the EP of the same name, is even better. This might be the musical version of the footballing cliche "he's got a good touch for a big man", but this lot don't half create a lot of noise for a three-piece. Nudge the volume up a little bit and your speakers will begin to quake.

Aside from being potentially harmful to your sound system, 'Pushing It' is thunderous and a little psychedelic with some major power being created and a riff that's about the size of Denmark for the chorus. If you've been a fan of any of the heavier stuff that Jack White's been involved with then The Family Rain are comparable. Being musically proficient can be frowned upon as it's often just a way of showing off, but not here. The Family Rain have a guitar and they're not afraid to use it. To be honest we're quite glad we didn't live next door to this lot when they were growing up.

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Catch them live:

THE FAMILY RAIN Sound Control, Manchester, TUE, 28/05/2013
THE FAMILY RAIN Fibbers, York, WED, 29/05/2013
THE FAMILY RAIN Plug, Sheffield, THU, 30/05/2013
THE FAMILY RAIN Pure, Sunderland, SAT, 01/06/2013
THE FAMILY RAIN King Tuts, Glasgow, SUN, 02/06/2013
THE FAMILY RAIN The Green Room, Stockton On Tees, MON, 03/06/2013
THE FAMILY RAIN The Temple @ The Institute, Birmingham, TUE, 04/06/2013
THE FAMILY RAIN Borderline, London , WED, 05/06/2013
THE FAMILY RAIN The Forum, Tunbridge Wells, Kent, FRI, 07/06/2013
THE FAMILY RAIN West End Centre, Aldershot, SAT, 08/06/2013

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