Sunday, 12 May 2013

Keston Cobblers' Club - Beam

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We've mentioned before about how the folk revival refuses to go away. Maybe it's a natural human reaction to go against the exponentially increasing amount of digital technology that surrounds us. It's nice to get authentic music and stuff, things played on real instruments and so on, but if a song sounds better created using the most cutting edge technology available then we'll take that any day thanks. And to be honest, half of the modern folk bands only got signed of the back off a couple of artists having major success, and their music is bloody awful. It's not folk at all. It's a wolf in sheep's clothing and we're all buying into it,

Keston Cobblers' Club are a little different though. This may not be pure, traditional folk, but neither is it trying to capitalise on the success of others; it's not an overly commercial song and when the voices sing together it's quite majestic and has a cracking chorus. So by the looks of things, this lot are one of the good guys when it comes to the whole "nu-folk" scene and seem capable of writing tracks that can be both anthemic and humble. So as long as you can put up with archaic phrasing like "fare thee well" you should be OK with Keston Cobblers' Club. Oh, and the video is inspired...

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May 12 Cobblers support RUE ROYALE, London, United Kingdom
May 18 Folk night (part of the Dulwich Festival) London, United Kingdom  
Jun 08 CHUMS fundraiser night Silsoe, United Kingdom
Jun 26 Glastonbury, Somerset, United Kingdom  
Jul 05 Barn on The Farm Festival, Gloucester, United Kingdom
Jul 14 LeeFest, Warlingham, United Kingdom
Jul 18 London Folk Fest, Balham, United Kingdom
Jul 19 Larmer Tree Festival, Salisbury, United Kingdom
Jul 28 Secret Garden Party, Huntingdon, United Kingdom
Aug 03 Dranouter Festival, Dranouter, Belgium
Aug 08 Wilderness Festival, Oxfordshire, United Kingdom  
Aug 15 Green Man festival, Wales, United Kingdom  
Sep 23 HEADLINE TOUR > Nottingham, United Kingdom  
Sep 24 HEADLINE TOUR > Brighton, United Kingdom
Sep 25 HEADLINE TOUR > Bristol, United Kingdom
Sep 26 HEADLINE TOUR > London, United Kingdom
Sep 27 HEADLINE TOUR > Manchester, United Kingdom

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