Wednesday 15 May 2013

Terry Emm - Loved And Never Lost

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Technically speaking you could label Terry Emm as alt-folk, although this makes it sound as though he's being lumped in with the rest of that crowd, when his music doesn't really compare. Yeah this is made with acoustic instruments and a bloke singing, but it's free from all of the trappings of the alt-folk genre, so we'd suggest this is closer to orchestral or indiepop. There's a definite pop aspect, but from a different time, a time when the song was more important than the production or the guest spots. That said, the arrangements here are very good.

If you're thinking that with a song called 'Loved And Never Lost', Terry Emm is a very lucky man, it should be noted that the lyrics run "Have you ever loved and never lost? I don't think I can say I have.", so it's not quite as happy a song as it first appears, yet it's in no way miserable. Reflective would be the word, or maybe sentimental. Musically it certainly comes across as a sentimental piece. With something so well written and well arranged you might find that even if you have an aversion to acoustic music as a rule, 'Loved And Never Lost' may well be an exception to it.

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