Wednesday, 8 May 2013

Sly Horse - Opinion

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Spectacular and beautiful as they are, I think I'd be scared shitless driving on snow covered roads with such huge drops down into the valleys below, so I'll stick to looking at it from the safe vantage point of a computer screen. 'Opinion' is the new single from south Devon singer/songwriter/producer Sly Horse. Now I know we had a bad winter, but I think he may have travelled a little further afield to film this promo. Bonus points for the clever use of an egg too. Never seen that done before.

'Opinion' is an interesting song; one of those that you could stamp with many different labels including folktronica, trip-hop, electro-rock, alt-pop and probably indie because everything gets called indie even though the word is essentially meaningless now. However you go about tagging it, it's definitely experimental and incredibly modern sounding, but it doesn't forget that all the innovative ideas in the world will amount to bugger all if you don't have a decent tune to go with them, so he's thrown one of those in here too. Bonus!

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