Wednesday, 8 May 2013

Luxe - New Beginning

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One of the acts we're most excited about having discovered recently is Conclave (we still don't know if that's a he/she/them/it), and in particular one of the best songs of 2013 so far, 'Ocean Star'. That song featured vocals and lyrics by another artist we knew little about: Luxe Calip. With her name now shortened to simply Luxe, it appears that she's been taken under Conclave's wing as something of a protege. And so this debut single is being described as "the first talent showcased by Conclave".

On the strength of 'New beginning', it has to be said that... let's go for a stab in the dark - he has picked a very high quality talent to lend a helping hand to. This is more electro-pop, something we're hardly suffering from a shortage of, but it somehow has a freshness that some others lack. Maybe this is thanks to the collaboration of two new artists who still have the determination, desire and willingness to put their hearts and souls into their music. Luxe does have a strong voice and one that's a perfect match for this variety of classy yet innovative pop. This is sounding like a great match so far.

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