Monday, 6 May 2013

Myles Manley - Jagger Manqué

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In our recent review of Myles Manley's single 'Easter Morning', we showered the song with praise but also suggested that this kind of alt-pop, that is the interesting and inventive kind, doesn't, as a rule, go on to reach the heights of chart stardom enjoyed by Calvin Harris or whoever. Myles Manley liked the review, but took umbrage at the fact that we suggested he might not manage that level of success. He's simply too left-field. Now with a new EP, 'Jagger Manqué' available, we can examine his sales credentials a little more. Once again the Dublin-based musician has come up with a fine set of tunes, and one that shows off his distinctive voice and his passion for not following the crowd.

Although this is a contradiction, 'Take and Take' is like retro synth-pop, only with the retro part removed. You perhaps have to hear it to get what we mean, but it gets the EP off to a good start. Following this is 'Dog', not so much a song that defies genres, more one that incorporates quite a lot of them, including electro, soul, pop, trip-hop and even a touch of Wild Beasts-type indie. Needless to say, such a blend is as individual as a song that avoids any tags at all. With its tortured guitar, stuttering percussion, gloomy backing and slightly creepy lyrical style, 'Old Habits Die Hard' is probably the strongest on the EP and shows what a talent he has. 'London Underground' is a little more accessible and perhaps has the best chance of becoming a hit, yet this is still unlikely. Sorry Myles, much as we love this EP, we can't see you rubbing shoulders with Pixie Lott just yet, you're far too innovative.

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