Tuesday, 14 May 2013

Musique Le Pop - Turn To Sand

Single review by kev@thesoundofconfusion.co.uk

Here's the latest dose of indie/electronica loveliness from Norway. Being a trio with the names Chris, Jon and Betty it doesn't sound like Musique Le Pop are Norwegian at all, that is until you find their full names are Christoffer Schou, Jon Kristian Furuheim and Elisabeth Thorsen. Their debut single 'Time Changes' was released last year and all in all it's a very good song, but the two tracks on current single 'Turn To Sand' possibly surpass it due to the fact that they have a more alternative sound than the almost mainstream electro-pop of the debut.

'Turn To Sand' itself is a terrific example of how you can make pop music that's both credible and has commercial potential, although by commercial potential we're not talking Justin Bieber levels of success, they're nothing like as vacuous as that. Instead this is a classy, almost dreampop number that could, if the bosses of these things stopped playing it so bloody safe al the time, gain heavy rotation on national radio stations. B-side 'We Can be Good' is equal in stature but is a different kettle of fish. This is a sweetly sung, slow track that gradually adds beats and electronics until it transforms into sparkly alt-pop of a very high calibre. Let's just hope they get the publicity they deserve.

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