Wednesday, 8 May 2013

Lumin Bells - Somehow The Same

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You see that cover art there? That picture that's all misty-eyed and hazy with sun seeping through trees in the distance and clear, bright, colourful skies? That's a perfect pictorial metaphor for what this song sounds like. And you see that bubble in the top right with the band name written in it? That's you floating away while you enjoy these sounds. We can't be certain, but we're reasonable sure that the photo wasn't taken in Lumin Bells' native Merseyside, but that's not stopping this six-piece band from dreaming.

'Somehow The Same' is remarkably understated, almost as though they tried to make every aspect of the song as soft and woozy as is humanly possible. And they managed it. The percussion is noting more than a very faint shuffle, the plucked guitar isn't in danger of having any of its strings broken and the vocal harmonies are made by voices that have been subjected to whatever the opposite of whisky-soaked, 60-a-day chain-smoking is. Pure, delicate and utterly delightful.

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