Wednesday, 8 May 2013

Five For Free #180


A New York band who don't really sound like the rest of the NYC pack, SKATERS have recently signed to Warner Bros. who've just put out their debut single and are currently prepping their debut album. This month they hit the UK for a tour and are giving away the quite brilliant experimental pop of 'Armed', a song which references the ridiculous gun culture in the US.

SKATERS' website

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Catch them live:

09-May-13 UK Bath Moles
10-May-13 UK Truro B-side at Bunters
11-May-13 UK Exeter Cavern
12-May-13 UK Southampton Joiners
13-May-13 UK London Sebright Arms
15-May-13 UK Glasgow King Tuts
16-May-13 UK Stoke on Trent Sugarmill
17-May-13 UK Brighton The Great Escape
18-May-13 UK Tunbridge Wells The Forum
19-May-13 UK Birmingham The Rainbow
20-May-13 UK Norwich Waterfront (Studio)
22-May-13 UK Milton Keynes The Craufurd Arms
23-May-13 UK Sheffield Great Gatsby
24-May-13 UK Manchester Dot to Dot
25-May-13 UK Bristol Dot to Dot
26-May-13 UK Nottingham Dot to Dot

Paper Crows - White Noise

We'll continue to fight for decent pop music. Pop doesn't have to be a dirty word just because what manages to make the upper echelons of the charts is so vacuous. Take this ace new track from former Band To Check Out Paper Crows. We said at the time that they just needed that one big song to open the door for them, and judging by 'White Noise' this is looking increasingly likely.

Paper Crows' website

High Pop - Loner

Scuzz-rock has been omnipresent in the last few years and Connecticut band High Pop have mastered the whole lo-fi, stoner sound pretty perfectly. Their album 'Hip Hip Hooray' is available now and you can download the wonderfully distorted, slacker vibes of 'Loner' for free and let its layers of fuzz muddle your brain up nicely.

High Pop's website

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Ballerina Black - Knves

We're not quite sure what Los Angeles band Ballerina Black have against the letter "I", especially as it's in their band name, but they've chosen to omit it from this track. 'Knves' is pronounced "knives" and is another quality piece of modern sounding post-punk. If you like this, then type their name in our search box for plenty more, these guys are becoming regular fixtures on the site.

Ballerina Black's website

Dan Webb - Broken

The plan for 2013 as far as Australian musician Dan Webb is concerned is to release one single each month, and make them available for free download. We're more than happy to take that, especially if they're all of the calibre of this indie/pop track. 'Broken' is a mid-paced number that's driven by a simple beat and keyboard melody, and it manages to sound just like summer which is an added bonus.

Dan Webb's website

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