Friday, 10 May 2013

Lexy and the Kill - We Can Dance Alone

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Possiblel crossover alert! Lexy and the Kill are a five-piece band from London who seem to offer an overwhelming amount of potential. Formed last year, new single 'We Can Dance Alone' is likely to appeal to the same fans of classic pop who brought success to Anna Calvi and Ren Harvieu, as they share a similarly impressive sound, that of grand, towering pop songs. The difference here is that Lexy and the Kill are a touch more commercial, whether this will work in their favour or against them remains to be seen.

It could turn off the indie crowd and be too rocky for the pop fans, but really there's no reason why this single should be enjoyed by anyone who can listen to music without it having to fit certain ethical criteria, so don't fret guys, they're not on a major label. You can relax and enjoy what is a big sweeping indie/pop song with plenty of gusto and just the right amount of self-confidence. They could have a bright future ahead of them.

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