Friday, 10 May 2013

Absinthe Junk - Sunday Morning Breakfast Static

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It might have passed you by but the band Garbage released a new album recently. No one really batted an eyelid. We suggested in a recent review of the new EP by Blindness that if their new material had sounded more like that then they would have been in with more of a chance of repeating the success they enjoyed all those years ago. The very same thing could be said for this new single by Ohio group Absinthe Junk. Interestingly, if you head to their Facebook page the very first band listed in the "Artists We Also Like" just happens to be Shirley Manson and co.

Album 'Death In The Afternoon' was released in the autumn and is being given an extra push with the release of new single 'Sunday Morning Breakfast Static'. It's pure electro-rock of the sort that has the potential to transcend genre boundaries quite well. Much like Garbage used to do, the difference here is that Absinthe Junk still sound hungry and as the song nears its end it becomes more and more urgent and you can almost feel the blood pumping through its veins. Perhaps this is a sign that the baton's been passed on?

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Jun 08 The Thompson House, Newport, KY
Jun 22 Rockapalooza, Jackson, MI

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