Sunday 12 May 2013

BoardWalk - I'm To Blame

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There must be worse things out there to do than to form a band in Los Angeles in summertime, but that's what this pair did last year. Originally a duo, BoardWalk have now evolved into a trio and plans are afoot for a self-titled debut album to be released sometime later this year. So they haven't spent their time together sitting around basking in the sun, they've been getting down to business. However, it just so happens that the music they make sounds just about perfect for sitting around basking in the sun to.

As far as we know, 'I'm To Blame' is the group's debut single and it's built from soft organ, spangly guitar and breathy vocals, so basically we're talking dreampop, but dreampop specifically designed for sunshine and definitely suited to the times when you really can't be bothered to do anything except stick on some decent tunes and chill out. We predict major blog attention for BoardWalk before too long, hopefully followed by some success outside of internet land.

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