Thursday, 9 May 2013

Jamie Isaac - Softly Draining Seas

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Once a band who have a particularly individual style make a major breakthrough it's common for other similar acts to appear. This isn't to say that they're imitators, merely that the floodgates open as the public becomes conditioned to different sounds. This has been going on since the dawn or recorded sound, although of course there are always those who alter their music to try and cash-in. Jamie Isaac is a singer/songwriter/producer who's only eighteen years old but already displays an incredibly well-formed understanding of sound, and since The xx became everyone's favourite name to drop, this kind of minimalist electronica has become increasingly popular.

Jamie Isaac isn't an imitator, but its likely that tracks like 'Softly Draining Seas' will appeal to a similar crowd. There's a bleakness and starkness here that overrides just about every other emotion, although dig a little deeper and you'll also find sadness, but coupled with the kind of warmth that you wouldn't usually associate with such production - and the production is very good - but this warmth comes from the way he uses his voice. It's as much an instrument as anything else in the song, being distorted and skewed by different effects throughout. 'Softly Draining Seas' strikes me as being one of those songs that you'll appreciate immediately, but when you return to it in six months time it'll sound even better.

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